Life is made to give and not to take, for it is in giving that we truly receive

Weekly Group Meditation

Every Monday, we gather at our centre in Brussels for our weekly group meditation.
We normally start by listening to tapes of Gururaj’s message, followed by Mantra meditation with gong or Purification. We often continue with our Chanting and Mantra meditation techniques, or by a talk followed by the Tratak technique. Although there are no set patterns to the way we conduct our weekly group meditation, we aim to follow the main techniques consistently. Read more about our different types of meditation.


Meditation Courses

Twice a year we organise a meditation course retreat in Koningsteen, on the outskirt of Brussels.
During our meditation course we go through the different techniques as well as listening to tapes and watching videos of Gururaj. These meditation courses are the perfect opportunity for discussions and socialising among peers and meditators. They also allow us a few days of relaxation, in a calm environment away from the stress of our daily lives. Check our calendar for dates.

Retreats in Koningsteen, Kapelle-op-den-Bos

“After a hectic week at work, the meditation course at Koningsteen was exactly what was needed. The place has an immediate calming effect on me. I could stay only one night and participate during two days, but even this short stay had surprisingly beneficial effects. The group was so harmonious that I came home totally calm and feeling at the top of the world. For me this was definitely the best meditation experience so far. Thank you all for your company, discussions, advice and good vibrations!” – Leila


Benefits from our Meditation Courses

Koningsteen Castle
  • Revising the individual meditation techniques and experiencing group meditation
  • Deepening our understanding of the teaching by listening to tapes and viewing videos
  • Getting away from our daily routine and stressful lives
  • Spending a few days retreat together in a quiet and peaceful environment