Gururaj Ananda

Progress can start from faith or doubt

The Guru

The word ‘guru‘ is made up of two terms: gu, meaning darkness, and ru, meaning light.
The definition of a guru is therefore one leading us from darkness to light.

Gururaj’s Life

Gururaj Ananda Yogi (1932-1988) was a mystic of our time. His teaching imbibes both the Eastern and Western systems of wisdom. It is based on his own spiritual experience gained with his guru Swami Pavitrananda in his native India which led him to Self-realisation and, later, through living a Western lifestyle in his adopted city of Cape Town.

From 1974 Gururaj devoted himself to full-time spiritual teaching to share his realisations with others throughout the world. His teachings are profound yet practical. The principle aim is to help ordinary people to realise their own spiritual potential within their daily active life, aided by what are possibly the most powerful personally prescribed meditation techniques available in the West today.


Gururaj’s Philosophy

Through his teachings Gururaj wanted to show us the path, the path of unfoldment. He called his organisation the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment (IFSU), as we develop the spirit rather than unfold it. The spirit resides within us, unknown and unrecognised, and meditation helps us to realise it. We do not create a spiritual force in ourselves as it is already there. It just needs activation and we begin to catch glimpses of what enlightenment is.

The goal of the spiritual path is the state of total integration, which is called enlightenment or self-realisation. The path may be long, but enlightenment comes in a flash. It is an illumination. With regular meditation we begin to catch glimpses of what the experience of enlightenment is as certain changes take place within us. Our perception changes with expansion of our awareness.

As Gururaj expressed it:

« You are enlightened. All the meditational and spiritual practices are just to remove the clouds that obscure the sun of enlightenment. Who wants enlightenment? Have that attitude. Just let me do what I have to do and enlightenment will come on its own. »


Some of Gururaj’s Memorable Quotes

« There is a difference between pleasure and joy. Pleasure is momentary, joy is lasting. »

« I am not the master of my destiny – I am the destiny. »

« The purpose of life, or the attainment of any high value of life, is attained by one-pointedness. »

« In daily life, the qualification of spiritual unfoldment shows in the way we tackle our problems. When we are able to transform the unjoyful into joy, then there is a sure sign of spiritual unfoldment. »