Be free to accept, and therein lies your freedom

What is Meditation?

« To be truly effective, meditation practices must be individually prescribed and individually taught. »

Meditation is a simple, systematic process which gradually takes us beyond the normal thinking level of existence into the inner, quiet centre within. Through regularly practice our awareness becomes established in this area and we start seeing life from a different viewpoint with a sense of general feeling of well-being.


Why Meditate?

The root of problems is an inability to go beyond them and see life and ourselves as a harmonious whole. With meditation we are led deeper and deeper into the super-conscious area of the mind, to the spirit within us, and as our awareness gradually becomes established at this level, it allows us to be unaffected by the superficial disturbances of the mind. We become anchored in our true selves.

« Meditation not only gives awareness – it gives you knowingness. »

« Meditation does change the personality. It takes away any hardness that is there and brings that mellowness which inspires love. It teaches us how to love, the meaning of love, and even how to become love itself. This is the basic change that is required within the human being today. »

Main Benefits from Meditation

  • Greater Meaning to Life
  • Greater Understanding of Oneself
  • Physical and Mental Relaxation
  • Improved Concentration
  • Enjoying Life

The Purpose and Secret of Life

« Where there is a true yearning, a strong desire to find the purpose of life, then the very strength of that desire will attract you towards the circumstance that will show you the way. »

« How many of us bring the attention to the centre, to where it is still? That is the secret of life: to go beyond the polarities. Where there is mind, there are polarities. When we go beyond the mind, we go beyond polarities and centre ourselves within ourselves. That is the area of joy and bliss, at that is what all human beings are striving for. »

« The purpose of life is to find oneness. In finding oneness the fragmented mind achieves a unity that can only produce happiness. When a person´s mind is fragmented, all one-pointedness of purpose is lost and then life becomes purposeless. When life is purposeless what do you do? You just float through life. You do not live, you just exist. Everything exists, but existence must be enlivened. So we put life into existence, and thereby we proceed on the path towards wholeness. »